SAM Booking App | Help Document


The SAM application is a simple, secure platform for you to register (Enrol), submit your details, manage your profile and manage payments for the Student Accommodation Maynooth system.

The steps are essentially, Enrol | onBoard (profile details submission) | Make Payments | Manage Fines (should they arise) | Raise Inquiries.

This simple help guide will go through each of these steps, beginning here with Enrolment. Note, we strongly advise that you read the latest version of the licence agreement (incl. T&Cs) also, as it is beyond the scope of this guide to provide those details. You may find the licence agreement here.

Begin Enrolment

To begin enrolment please visit https://www.pay-sam.ie/

Once on the landing page at the above link, please click Enrol (Note: If enrolment is not available a message will show in its place explaining the reasons why enrolment is currently closed. Please read this message carefully before raising inquiries).

You will then be able to complete the initial Enrolment form, which looks like this:

Please complete all of the fields on this enrolment form and note that you must be at least 18 years old by September 18th 2023 to apply. Once you have completed all fields, please click the pink Apply button.

Confirmation of Enrolment

Once you have submitted the enrolment form you will receieve an email within a few minutes confirming receipt of your submission and providing some additional information, an example of which is below:

Confirmation of Acceptance

If you have been successful in your enrolment you will receive another email with details on how you can begin onBoarding. This is covered in the next section here ('onBoarding'). If you have not been successful in enrolment, a separate email will be sent to you.

Please note, our administrators will be dealing with a large volume of applications and, as such, it may take us some time to process these and respond to everybody. We kindly ask for your patience at this stage of the process.

Please see an example of the email sent to successful applicants at the enrolment stage and note the circled 'Start onBoardinbg' link therein. This is the link you will need to proceed to the next step in your application.


Now that you have received confirmation of successful enrolment, you may begin onBoarding.
You may begin this process by clicking on the 'Start onBoarding' link in the email that you received previously.

Set your account password

Once you have clicked on the 'Start onBoarding' link you will be taken the following screen. Please enter the email address you used during enrolment to create your new password and click 'Send Reset Link'.

You will then receive an email (see example below) with a 'Reset Your Password' link. Don't be confused by the language. Even though this says 'Reset Your Password', this link will allow you to create your new password also in order that you can progress through the onBoarding stages.

On clicking the link in the email, you will be taken to a new screen to set your password. Again, this process may refer to 'Reset Your Password', but that is nothing to be alarmed about as it also allows you to create your new password

Sinply input your new password and confirm it before clicking on the pink 'Reset password' link.

Once you have created your new password you may login and begin completing the onBoarding requirements.

Start onBoarding - Your Dashboard

On logging in you will be taken to your main dashboard area (example provided below here). You may complete onBoarding by clicking the 'Start onBoarding' link in your dashboard.

onBoarding Screen

Please now proceed through the onBoarding section (see example of onBaording screen below) carefully as the information you now submit may determine if you are offered a room at Student Accommodation Maynooth.

Note - Items you will need
Once you have completed all of the above please click the pink 'Update Profile' button. This will store your details in the system, which will then be reviewed by our administrators.

onBoarding Confirmation Email

If you have been successful and offered a room with Student Accommodation Maynooth, you will receieve an email confirming this (please see example below). Please note the links in this email (circled in the image below) as these take you to the relevant payment screens (note, the Food Service needs to be paid for via our website - simply follow the link in the 'onBoarding Success' email)

If we need more details or you have not been successful, you will receieve a different email.

Initial Payment

Congratulations! You are now onBoarded and ready to pay the initial payment for your room. To begin making payment, please login to your dashboard on the SAM Application and click the 'Pay Initial Booking Fee' button.

This will then take you to a dedicated payment page where you can pay the initial fee. Please complete all fields on this payment page.

If payment has completed successfully you will automatically be redirected to your dashbaord with a 'success' message similar to the one below here.

Note, you will also receive an email confirming that the payment has been successful. See below for an example of this email.

You are now ready to pay your room fees via the subscription payments system.


Paying for your board is done via the subscriptions option. Note, this option is only available after the initial payment has been made.
There are three subscription options: i) once-off full payment, ii) two instalments (one per semester), or iii) monthly payments (for nine instalments, paid monthly).

With subscriptions, you simply setup and pay the first instalment, and all subsequent instalments are automatically paid via your deisgnated debit / credit card until the end of the subscription term.

Note: Unlike the initial payment, subscription payments may take a little longer to show on your account or in your transaction history on the SAM application. Please do not be alarmed by this and wait up to two hours before expecting to see a record of the transaction. Thank you

Paying Your Subscription

To setup your subscription, simply log into your dashboard and click 'Pay Accommodation Fees' (see below).

You will now be taken to the following screen. Please read this carefully and select your subscription type before clicking the 'Pay Now' button.

At this point you can now go ahead and complete the payment section.

If your subscription has been accepted successfully you will be taken back to the dashbaord where a success message will show similar to the example below.

As mentioned above, please wait a little while before this shows in your transaction history as the payment processor is setting up your subscription for future automation.


As part of the Licence Agreement and Terms and Conditions, you were introduced to and consented to the schedule of possible penalty fees.

If you have incurred any of these penalties, you will see these under 'Transactions' in your SAM dashboard. You will also receive an email notification similar to the one below here.

To pay this penalty, simply click on the link in the penality notification email (circled in the above image), which will take you to the following screen.

You may see all outstanding and paid penalties also in your dashboard - see example below here.


If you have an inquiry about any aspect of your stay with SAM, including penalties (see above), for example, then you may raise a query by emailing info@studentaccommodationmaynooth.ie.

You may also choose to use the Inquiry system in your SAM application, which opens an Inquiry dialogue similar to the one shown below.

Simply fill out the relevant details and your inquiry will be sent to our administrators. Thank you.